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Branding Under Budget

10/12/2022 branding_basics

Get the best bang for your buck with high-quality items from our low-budget Under $5 and Under $2 collections.  


Why Budget for Promo? 

Whether you have a large or small marketing budget, every penny counts. Unlike television, radio, newspaper and social media advertisements, using promotional products reflects a brand’s deep understanding of who its audience is, and what their wants, needs and values are. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, consumers are 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products than internet advertising. Buying custom promo ensures that your budget isn’t wasted on advertisements that are ignored or simply aren’t remembered at all.  

Stock and Save on Low-Budget Items 

When you look ahead, you can figure out what your brand needs and buy it in advance to maximize your savings. For example, if your brand regularly needs writing instruments, purchasing a bulk of branded pens featuring your contact information can be a cost-effective way to gain positive brand exposure.  

How to Budget for Custom Merchandise 

When shopping for promo, it’s important to prioritize affordability, quality and functionality. If your brand only purchases promo based on its price, recipients will associate the cheap materials with your organization. Worst case scenario, the recipients will throw the items away leaving your brand with a bad impression and a wasted budget.  
However, the good news is that you don’t need to buy the most expensive items to impress you target audience! Thinking ahead about what your target audience needs and wants will help your brand find cost-effective solutions that leave a positive impression.  
Check out some of our favorite high-quality low-budget custom items that are ideal for almost any gifting scenario.  

Under $5.00 

Econo Cap 

Whether adding fashionable sun protection or hiding a bad hair day, everyone loves a nice hat. Try providing the Econo Cap to make your brand stand out with volunteers, customers, potential hires and more! Perfect for representing your brand at outdoor events, tradeshows and corporate outings.  

Color Pop Drawstring Bag 

Often, it’s the little things people appreciate the most. At your next tradeshow, launch, or event, try handing out the Color Pop Drawstring Bag. Attendees will appreciate the practical gift and your brand can include brochures, business cards and other useful information inside. 

26 oz. Tritan™ Flair Water Bottle with Ring Straw 

Instead of choosing wasteful, flimsy and forgettable plastic water bottles, opt for the reusable 26 oz. Tritan™ Flair Water Bottle with Ring Straw. Recipients will appreciate the “souvenir,” and continue carrying their water bottles long after the initial interaction. Ultimately, you get to enjoy positive brand impressions without breaking the bank! 

Under $2.00 


Pop-of-Color Pen 

Having a great pen on hand is essential for conducting business. Featuring a packaged gift pouch, these Pop-of-Color pens are great for handing out at a front desk, pairing with business cards, gifting to customers and more.  

22 oz. Mood Stadium Cup 

Give recipients something they can take home with the 22 oz. Mood Stadium Cup. Featuring a unique color-changing material, recipients will reach for these custom cups every time they grab a glass of ice-cold water, coffee or soda.  

Malibu Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are always a fan favorite find at both indoor and outdoor events. Provide recipients with the Malibu Sunglasses to protect their eyes or add excitement to an event. Available in a selection of brand-complementing colors, these logoed sunglasses let your brand sail toward success! 

Start shopping! Explore our unique promotional products for effective advertising and marketing solutions for your brand.