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ORDER AND SHIP EARLY!  Orders may require longer lead times due to post-pandemic shipping and industry-wide supply chain challenges.

Order And Ship Early!

A massive increase in online shopping and residential deliveries has created record-breaking shipment volumes for UPS, FedEx and USPS. They can't keep up with demand. This can add days to production and delivery times in some instances. As your partner, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience and service. Planning ahead allows Staples Promotional Products to help you meet your desired timelines. If you have large orders and tight deadlines, please call customer service for extra planning and attention.

On-time delivery could require longer shipping lead times, so order early!

  • Delivery of in-stock orders may be delayed due to longer shipment transit times
  • Custom orders may be subject to double delays. Inventories may take longer to reach decorators. Once decorated, shipment to the customer can take longer too
  • Paying for expedited services no longer guarantees on-time delivery. Shippers have discontinued their “money-back” delivery time guarantees for the foreseeable future

Plan & order early!

While Staples is working with suppliers and freight carriers to secure priority processing, delays cannot be mitigated in all cases. Shipping carriers do not know when shipping volumes and capacities will normalize. We will keep you informed as volumes and shipping times improve.

Have a mandatory in-hands date?

Share it with customer service! They will know the best options to ensure timely delivery.

Order early if you can!

Build a few extra days into your timeline just in case.

Shipping to or from Southern California?

Order even earlier! That region is experiencing the longest delays.

Brand Spotlight: Incase

05/01/2019 styles_trends

Staples is proud to bring you retail brand products that allow your appreciation and your brand to truly shine, helping you reach the right audience every time. In this week’s brand spotlight, we talk travel and lifestyle brand: Incase.  


Founded in 1997, Incase provides a better experience through good design. Incase designs solutions are centered around protection and mobility to meet the evolving demands of today’s creatives and visionaries.


Driven by design, the bags and accessories Incase curates transcend both age and demographics to provide the widest audience with the best possible experiences while in pursuit of their passions.


Incase’s heritage is deeply rooted in the lifestyles of influencers who create, and through this dedication, Incase is able to focus on its consumers' evolving needs while promoting creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.


The Incase team employs exacting design protocols to ensure its each product meets the needs of its consumers, new emerging markets and an ever-expanding world of creative and travel experiences. The brand, the team and the products they create thrive at the intersection of technology and lifestyle while innovation through collaboration lives at the core of our design process.


At its core, Incase provides a better experience through good design.


For more information on how you can start working with modern and creativity-focused brand Incase, contact your Staples Representative. To see even more unique travel retail brands, check out Retail Brands You Know and Love.